Unstoppable Women

This is for all the women

whose days don’t start at 9

and end at 5.

For the women whose day

Is never finished.

Because what is end of day anyway.

We got shit to do.

Empires to break down.

Stereotypes to crumble.

Hearts to break, and boss babes to raise.

We don’t have time to stop,

think, or let alone eat.

We are the ones

breaking glass ceilings on the daily.

And proving people wrong like it’s a hobby.

So when we start thinking about what kind of birth control is right of us..

It’s Mirena

An IUD that can give us pregnancy control up to five years.

And 99.9% effective,

it’s can’t stop won’t stop,

kind of control.

No pills.

No waiting.

No questioning.

Because putting our lives on hold,

Doesn’t fit into our schedule.

The truth is

We don’t want to stop.

And now with Mirena

we don’t have to.